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Embrace Your Brilliance !

This guided journey with Mermaid, assists you to set and maintain natural energetical boundaries, supporting you to be your most Brilliant Self, and Catch Light!






For 20+ years, Florentine has been assisting her international based clients, Humans and Animals alike, through remote private " Activate your Brilliance!- soul level healing & coaching, animal communication sessions, and her online workshops.

She has developed her unique psycho-spiritual Effervescence for your Soul-modality, which is designed to help her clients to dive deep into the emotional watery depths of their subconscious, so they can uncover and dissolve their limiting beliefs, patterns and emotions, layer after layer,  helping them to tap into the luminous, multi-faceted version of themselves.





To uncover "Use Mermaid's Pearls of Wisdom "-guided meditation, please fill out the below field. Be assured, Florentine values your privacy, so she will never share your private information with others.

Luminous Full Moon Celebration

Monthly Call with

Live Readings + Q&A

Next Call
November 27
12:00 pm ET

Join us each month as we invoke Archangel Haniël to connect with the brilliance of each month’s full moon energy. Upon registering, receive an introduction to Archangel Haniël and her journey from moon goddess to Archangel and the wisdom each phase of the moon provides (MP3 available in English and Dutch)

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