Embrace Your Brilliance !

Dear You,


Just as beautiful, colorful, and unique as a bubble dancing in the daylight, is the insight, knowledge, and gifts you carry within yourself that are ready to bubble up to the surface and catch light.


My passion is helping you tap into them through animal communication sessions, one-on-one coaching, and online workshops.


A great way to start is through this FREE GUIDED JOURNEY ALONGSIDE THE EXPLORER, helping you to uncover and understand  the symbols and signs  of your unique communication with your guides, so that your most brilliant self can bubble up to the surface and catch light.





If you enjoy this meditation be sure to check out my six-week online course CATCH LIGHT WITH YOUR MOST BRILLIANT SELF, of which this meditation is a part.



And we would love to have you join our monthly LUMINOUS FULL MOON CELEBRATION calls with live readings and Q&A to harness the brilliance of each month’s full moon energy.


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Luminous Full Moon Celebration

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Join us each month as we invoke Archangel Haniël to connect with the brilliance of each month’s full moon energy. Upon registering, receive an introduction to Archangel Haniël and her journey from moon goddess to Archangel and the wisdom each phase of the moon provides (MP3 available in English and Dutch)

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