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Embrace Your Brilliance !

You can remember as a child the delight of chasing colorful bubbles, watching mesmerized as they danced in the daylight and floated to the sky. Just as beautiful, colorful, and unique is the insight, knowledge, and gifts you carry within yourself that are ready to bubble up to the surface, and catch light.

Together, let's  uncover and dissolve dense energy behind challenges you may be facing, holding you back from shining your light, so that your most brilliant self can bubble up to the surface and catch light!



Florentine Bisschops, LLM, works as a licensed spiritual intuitive mentor and healer, certified animal communicator and shamanic practitioner.

She is a published author and public speaker.

For 30+ years I have been teaching women the keys to live in congruence with the deep wisdom of their Higher Self so they will feel appreciated, honored and loved in their personal relationships.

Florentine assists her international based clients, humans and animals alike, through remote,  

" Activate your Brilliance!"- Soul Level Healing & Coaching private sessions, intuitive animal communication sessions, house clearing sessions and her once yearly signature program " Live your Joy!".



Once Florentine left her career as a law professor, she began traveling the world learning from the world's foremost spiritual, psychological, and energetic teachers. For the last 20+ years she has been supporting her clients as a licensed spiritual intuitive coach. Ultimately developing her own psycho-spiritual EfyS*modality, which is designed to help her clients to dive deep into the emotional watery depths of their subconscious, so they will be able to uncover, access, acknowledge and shift their limiting beliefs, patterns and emotions, layer after layer,  helping them to embrace their inner divine brilliance!.



Please contact her to set up a free  Activate your Brilliance!-Discovery zoom session.

This complimentary gift to you is designed to find out what specifically is standing in your way to feel appreciated, honored and loved in your personal relationships.


"Florentine is an amazing and gifted coach,

a great teacher how to move from heaviness into lightness"

Monique G.


"I cannot thank you enough Florentine for the breakthrough I had with your 'Activate Your Brilliance' coaching session. Your compassionate heart lead and guided me to face unconscious beliefs I've held about myself. You helped me get to my core, to understand them and gave me the love, support and tools to continue working on transmuting them, so I can achieve the brilliant life I want to live. I've never felt anything like that before in other coaching sessions I've had in the past. "

Diane F.


A great way to start is through this FREE GUIDED JOURNEY ALONGSIDE THE EXPLORER , helping you to uncover the symbols and signs of your unique communication with your guides, so that your most brilliant self can bubble up to the surface and catch light.

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