Catch Light, with Bubbles for your Soul

Together, let's recognize yourself (again) to confidently own your beautiful, colorful and unique insights, gifts and knowledge (again), so that your most brilliant self can bubble up to the surface, and catch light!

Florentine is a highly skilled psycho-spiritual coach, laser focused to help YOU achieve clarity. To zoom in on  the root of the problem rather than been entrapped and led around by the "cover"story. Healing your relationship with yourself, your intuition and your life.


"She is an amazingly talented reader, she is outstanding in her abilities, her depth, and her accuracy on the information she receives " AnaMaria V.

Please contact her to book an animal communication session, the " Activate your Brilliance!"zoom session to get in touch with your most bubbly brilliant self (this session is her complimentary gift to you as soon as you decide to follow through with one of the one-on-one coaching packages) or, when you feel you like to know more about the exclusive, intimate Mastermind "Live your JOY!-Experience.

A great way to start is through this FREE GUIDED JOURNEY ALONGSIDE THE EXPLORER that helps you uncover your divine guidance, so that your most brilliant self can bubble up to the surface and catch light.

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Join us each month as we invoke Archangel Haniël to connect with the brilliance of each month’s full moon energy. Upon registering, receive an introduction to Archangel Haniël and her journey from moon goddess to Archangel and the wisdom each phase of the moon provides (MP3 available in English and Dutch)

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