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Embrace Your Brilliance !

Testimonials Animal Communication

"I love the work that you do, it is phenomenal"

Amelia Kincaid

"This Pet for your Soul-reading is magnificent, your intuitive insights into (feline) S. bring tears of love"

Maryse S.

" Florentine, this Pet Bubbles-session is incredible! Thank You!

Ceryn R.

"Shortly after our session, there was some immediate validation of information with my cat Sable Zeus. I had deeply missed the connection with Sable&am so happy that you were able to help restore that"
Dr. Tricia W.

"Florentine answered a lot of questions I couldn't yet formulate, but that were living in my heart. She went right for them"
Laura Z.

"Spot on, receiving all sorts of info my little panther didn't tell me but what was true"
Becky A.

"Aww! More than good! I could see everything and I could feel everything...this is how I perceive Luno's energy. You gave him a voice!!! And that is the biggest gift ever!!!"
Viviane M.

"She was so very accurate in describing the nature and character of this beloved creature who has shared her life with me. The mediation and reading were so comforting to know that this life was meaningful for the two of us to share"
Lani W.

"I feel better about these two, you were spot on about their personalities and the new information is great!"
Mary H.

"You definitely picked up on her. It all resonated"
Victoria J.

"Florentine Bisschops did an absolutely beautiful and spot on reading for myself and my pets. I was absolutely blown away" Barbara C.

"All makes sense, and it gives me a few things I can do with her to make her feel more comfortable. Right of the bat 

you got her. You really nailed down what it is"
Rhiannon A.

"I got so much out of this. Our session together was amazing. The messages were clear, concise and absolutely what I needed to hear from the pack"
Kelly F.

"You nailed it! She is definitely teaching me about boundaries"
Sue G.

"Had a wonderful session with Florentine and my two girls. Would highly recommend her sessions as the info you receive is most valuable. She has a great gift of communication and a truly compassionate heart, thank you, F."
Penny B.


'Dear Florentine is an amazing healer. I had an Activate your Brilliance! Session with her. I didn't know what to expect, yet I knew I needed help. She is a wonderful listener. Intuitively guided and easy to talk to. Florentine identified a significant issue that was negatively impacting me. We gently dealt with it. She's such a teacher as well. This woman is golden like the Florentine of long ago, and I highly recommend her services. Thanks a lot Ms Bubblicious"

Catharina H.

"Florentine is an amazing and gifted coach, a great teacher how to move from heaviness into lightness"

Monique G.

"Florentine is amazing. Her loving intuitive guidance is so powerful!"
Anna P.

"Florentine has a way of sending genuine love and caring through her energy. She is pure"
Jackie J.

"Had a really great Inner Child healing session today with Florentine."
Penny W.

"Florentine. You are powerful and carry a beautiful light energy. Thank you for being a perfect mirror and inspiration"
Sue K.

"When I work with you, I get not only the connection to my animals but also to my inner self, my soul- but you help me to see this through my animals- how they play such an important part in life and that we were brought together for reasons that benefit us all"
Ann A.

"You definitely help me to calm my thoughts and by listening to you and the guidance you receive, I am able to hear my inner guidance clearer. You help me connect, hear, listen and walk forward with trust and faith and peace."
Viviane M.

"A breakthrough session! I love working with Florentine, she is so present and intuitive and has a wealth of knowledge with experience to help you find what is truly in the way. Her compassion and kindness speaks volumes for her ability to make a safe space to say what is most in your heart"
Roxanne S.

"I rediscovered a deep sense of peace and the feeling of being worthy"
Melissa H.

" feels you can see me beneath all that layers. Thank you love"
Maya K.

Online Workshops


"This past week I had a huge ah-ha breakthrough of understanding and healing my limiting belief that I am not powerful! Now I accept and know that I am powerful to create, manifest and heal. I am comfortable and able to stand in my power!"

Dashka G.


"I loved getting in touch with each chakra and experience each one through movement"
Paige M.

"I learned so much more with what you taught in just 2 hours in comparison to what I learned whilst attending a 5-day chakra retreat up in Scotland"
Ann H.

"It was just so detailed, and I loved the exercises as I could immediately feel the benefits. They certainly got my chakras going." Joan H.

"Great class, wonderful tools".
Victoria J.

"Amazing interactive teaching on my chakras with exercises"
April P.

"Florentine Bisschops, I've been meaning to tell you how powerful your inner child workshop was for me. Although it was a few months ago, I am still gleaning gifts from it. It effortlessly helped me to uncover patterns that I learned in childhood that I continue to practice today.". 
Lora D.

"Today's Luminous Full Moon Celebration was amazing! I am still processing all that I received from Archangel Haniël. Thank you, thank you- it was truly wonderful!".
Ann A.

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