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Embrace Your Brilliance !

About Florentine Bisschops

Florentine Bisschops is a certified animal communicator, life coach, and founder of Bubbles for Your Soul. Florentine left a lucrative career with the Dutch Government and Private Corporations as a Professor of Law to fly the friendly skies as a flight attendant to explore and travel the world. Her deep love for all people and cultures led her to study  animal communication, multiple traditions, and energetic modalities, ultimately creating her own unique modality to help her clients tap into their most brilliant self.  She is a highly intuitive, empathetic, and telepathic mentor, healer, and medium. Through remote animal communication sessions, one-on-one coaching, and online workshops, Florentine helps you to clear energetic blocks that if unchecked leads to feeling disconnected from your inner guidance, vision and joy. So you will be able to be who you truly are and to confidently own your unique gifts, insights and wisdom.


Her use of integrated modalities, including psycho-spiritual therapy, the "Effervescence of your Soul"-method which she created, ultimately aides in allowing your most Brilliant Self to bubble up to the surface and Catch Light.

  • Florentine obtained her Master’s at the Radboud University, Netherlands.

  • She is a certified Intuitive Energy Tracker and Animal Communicator, interspecies, and inter-elemental, who has studied with diverse international leading experts and teachers in these modalities.

  • She has formal psychological training such as NLP and in energy management techniques, such as Inner Child healing, Soul Retrieval, Shadow and Personae work.

  • She is a Shamanic Practitioner and Healer and trained in Symbols & Dream Interpretation and Past Lives Exploration.

  • She is a Certified Soul Mastery Spiritual Coach, healing at the Akashic Records and connecting to the Soul Families level.

  • She is a licensed Chakra and Aura Reader and Healer.

  • She is an experienced Tarot and Oracle Reader.

  • She studied remote Reiki Healing and EFT.

  • Bach Flower therapist.

  • Florentine is a long time teacher.

  • Coach at Soul Finder Academy.


Her expertise in working as a licensed Intuitive Spiritual Mentor, Medium and Healer for almost 30 years brings all these, and then some more, integrative disciplines together. Allowing her to share elevated and multiple layers of guidance in her sessions. Florentine reaches out to Humans and Animals alike, to assist them to embrace their brilliance! Expanding their ability to live fully connected to their unique inner divine wisdom and guidance.


She has been featured on diverse summits and podcasts, and she is available for public appearances and collaborative workshops. Published Author.


Catch Light, with Bubbles for your Soul


Working with Florentine has been nothing short of life-changing for me.  She's a joy and fun to work with and has helped me to heal deep ancestral wounds I didn't even know I had - and, I had healed layers and layers before I even met Florentine!  I was surprised by the deep issues she identified.  We "worked" through them in a way I hadn't experienced before.  Florentine is gentle, yet astute and she knew when I was moving back into my head and out of my heart. She re-directed me and I was amazed at the results.  We worked together for about 2 months with sessions every other week.  I feel as though I am living on a new time line now and am more compassionate and respectful of both myself and others.  Florentine is a gem to work with if you are ready to truly step into your own power and joy, which, as she keeps reminding me, is LIMITLESS!

MaryBeth W.

"I cannot thank you enough Florentine for the breakthrough I had with your 'Activate Your Brilliance' coaching session. Your compassionate heart lead and guided me to face unconscious beliefs I've held about myself. You helped me get to my core, to understand them and gave me the love, support and tools to continue working on transmuting them, so I can achieve the brilliant life I want to live. It was so emotional. I've never felt anything like that before in other coaching sessions I've had in the past. Your compassionate and loving soul shines so brightly as you coached me, I felt very safe and secure during this process and I look forward to booking another session with you!"

Diane F.


"My session with Florentine was AMAZING. I have learned grounding techniques and boundaries in so many ways, but Florentine taught me how to be really in my heart and feel safe in my body feeling completely supported by mother earth. I use what she taught me every day, and it has changed my life and relationship in such a joyful passionate way. I am so grateful for her work and recommend her to all my family and friends"

Jennifer G.

 “Florentine brings a high level of insight and accuracy to her animal readings. She channels the animal's personality in remarkable precision. Her readings are profound and practical. You will receive many insights for your animals and yourself too!” 
AnaMaria V.

“Everything she said was spot on!  We finished the session feeling like our hearts had opened up tremendously and Bell(canine) seems to have up-leveled tenfold as well.”
Jacquelyn C.


“Everything comes to surface in a magical way. Florentine helps me to understand myself and my path in a deeper sense. I feel seen and understood, and I can truly feel real work is being done. All is combined with practical advice to help me navigate life in a grounded way. I recommend Florentine highly with all my heart!”
Maria N.


“She provides amazing insights and clarity to issues that are hidden from conscious thought. Florentine helps you remove blocks, see your truth, and become a better version of yourself.“
Jodi K.


“Her guided meditations are pathways to incredibly deep, healing, spiritual journeys. She’s able to get right to the heart of an issue quickly and with great compassion.
She’s a lot of fun too!”
Leslie E.

"Multi-talented and colorfully faceted, Florentine is a gem!"

Camille T.

"Florentine gave me guidance and information that not only helped me understand my border collie's behaviors but how we have a soul contract together". 
Kimberley S.

Luminous Full Moon Celebration

Monthly Call with

Live Readings + Q&A

Keep an eye on my page for
the Next Call

Join us each month as we invoke Archangel Haniël to connect with the brilliance of each month’s full moon energy. Upon registering, receive an introduction to Archangel Haniël and her journey from moon goddess to Archangel and the wisdom each phase of the moon provides (MP3 available in English and Dutch)

Media & Bubbles for your Soul
  • Featured Author, "Grandfather Tree", "Nature, Divine Experiences with Trees, Plants, Stones and Landscapes" by Ana Maria Vasquez

  • Sacred Storyteller, contributing to "Animals, personal tales of encounters with spirit animals" by Dr. Steven Farmer.

  • Conscious Conversations Summit

  • 4th -Animal Wellness Summit 

  • Uni paws show, Series on Transition and Grief

  • Earth Day Benefit for Gaia & Her Creatures 2020

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