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Embrace Your Brilliance !

Animal Com
Animal Communication 
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Would you like to get a better understanding of the messages your beloved animal companions are seeking to convey by their behavior, issues, challenges and/or health problems?


In order to dissipate dense energy that we may be experiencing -- or our pets may be reflecting -- we must first understand what is trying to bubble up to the surface to be dissolved. As some of our greatest partners in our spiritual journey, our pets provide great insight. In these sessions we tap into your pet’s energy and get messages to bring information on what needs to be brought to the surface and cleared. These sessions can be done with a pet that is embodied or in spirit.


Either by zoom or email

USD $120

Pet for your Soul Session
One-on-One Coaching

Through remote coaching sessions, illuminate areas in your life where you may be experiencing challenges. Certified intuitive spiritual coach Florentine guides you through each session to dissipate dense energy, so that the insight, wisdom and gifts you carry within yourself can bubble up to the surface and catch light. Experience feeling more grounded, inspired, and luminous.



This 45-minute online session is designed to uncover and dissolve dense energy behind challenges you may be facing, so you can shine your most brilliant self!

This is my COMPLIMENTARY gift to you upon purchasing  your package!

USD $147



This package is designed to start uncovering and to lasting shift those outdated subconscious programming, assisting you to confidently own your unique, colorful and amazing insights, gifts and knowledge. Assisting you to tap into your most brilliant self!!

Package of 6 every other week online sessions. English & Dutch available

Access in between sessions to Florentine

USD $1074

Online Workshops
Online Workshops
14--bi weekly, 75-90 minutes online sessions
including readings
Accepting Applications for our Next Journey

For 20+ years, Florentine Bisschops, LLM, has been giving spiritually evolving women and their pets the keys to translate their spirituality into daily life.


  • Did you just go through one of those pivotal transformative events in life?

  • Do you experience restrictive emotional feelings like anxiety, anger, confusion, isolation, not being seen, being out of balance or doubts of your self worth?

  • Does this limit you to live your every day's life aligned to your deepest divine wisdom?


I recognize your feelings and I teach you powerful keys to live in alignment with the deep wisdom of your Soul so you can go forward and grow, while infusing your daily life on all levels with the strength, clarity, joy and confidence that living in full congruence with your  deepest knowing brings.

Do you feel that you do all you can possibly think of to allow your Light to shine brightly, but you feel you are not yet really tapping into what is possible for your life? 
Does this leave you feeling insecure, lacking self-confidence and clarity, unfulfilled and frustrated?

The fact is that our subconscious is holding us back with the best intentions to keep us safe, while simultaneously limiting our growth.
In addition, we can't uncover, address and shift those shadowy parts in ourselves as we are too used to them. They have been running our show for years and are hidden from our view.

Florentine and two powerful internationally known guest teachers & healers support you to unlock this Pandora's box and help you to transform those hindrances into a supportive treasure chest, filled with golden nuggets to help you build a solid foundation to create lasting change.

Then you can confidently live your life expressing your joy in your own unique way. Now you are truly powerful and unstoppable, living your full potential and becoming the best version of yourself!

Interactive, Accountability, Magical, Fun.

Core- lessons based on the EfyS* modality.

Includes 2 one-on-one sessions (worth 394 U$).

USD $1795

Luminous Full Moon Celebration
Luminous Full Moon Celebration

Monthly Call with

Live Readings + Q&A

Keep an eye on my
page for the Next Call

Join us each month as we invoke Archangel Haniël to connect with the brilliance of each month’s full moon energy. Upon registering, receive an introduction to Archangel Haniël and her journey from moon goddess to Archangel and the wisdom each phase of the moon provides (MP3 available in English and Dutch)

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