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Embrace Your Brilliance !

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Thank you so much for your interest in the BubblesforyourSoul:#3+ Bubbly Ways to shift your Animal's Behavior!


You can remember as a child the delight of chasing colorful bubbles, watching mesmerized as they danced in the daylight and floated to the sky. Just as beautiful, colorful, and unique is the insight, knowledge, and gifts you carry within yourself that are ready to bubble up to the surface and catch light.


Together, let's recognize your mesmerizing bubbles, to confidently own your beautiful, colorful and unique insights, gifts, and knowledge, so that your most brilliant self can bubble up to the surface and catch light!


For 20+ years, Florentine has been assisting her international based clients, Humans and Animals alike,  through remote private " Activate your Brilliance!- coaching, animal communication sessions, and the "Live your JOY!-Experience" Mastermind group.

She has developed her unique psycho spiritual EfyS*modality, combining all she studied with her vast expertise obtained while working her magic as a licensed spiritual intuitive mentor.




Please contact her when you are interested in a "Pet Bubble"- email, or "Pet for your Soul" zoom, animal communication session.

And as well, to schedule your zoom session "Activate your Brilliance!" when you find yourself drawn to the private coaching sessions or the intimate, exclusive  "Live your JOY!-Experience" to find out how she can assist YOU to catch light.

This session will be complimentary as soon as you decide to join either one.

Please add your details below to receive the free PDF document titled:"3+ Bubbly ways to shift your Animal's Behavior"

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