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Would you like to get a better understanding of the messages your beloved animal companions are seeking to convey by their behavior, issues, challenges and/or health problems?


In order to dissipate dense energy that we may be experiencing -- or our pets may be reflecting -- we must first understand what is trying to bubble up to the surface to be dissolved. As some of our greatest partners in our spiritual journey, our pets provide great insight. In these sessions we tap into your pet’s energy and get messages to bring information on what needs to be brought to the surface and cleared. 

  • For People loving their Animal Companions alive or already transitioned. 

  • And for all Animal Companions, nudging their Humans to make an appointment, because it is past time they pass their messages along.

Animal Communication is a great way for any pet parent to gain an even deeper intimate relationship with, and to obtain more clarity and insight in their animal companion(s). To understand them and their motives and underlying reasons for certain behavior, habits and issues like fear and anxiety.  By addressing these synchronized energetic  patterns between animals and their human companions, our animals are ultimately being encouraged to shift their energetic patterns, habits and behavior as well.


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