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Activate and Embrace your Brilliance !

Through remote coaching sessions, illuminate areas in your life where you may be experiencing challenges. Certified intuitive empathetic and telepathic mentor, healer and medium Florentine guides you through each session to assist you to uncover your mesmerizing bubbles to confidently own your beautiful, colorful and unique insight, wisdom and gifts  so that your most brilliant self can bubble up to the surface and catch light.


  • Spiritually inclined woman, who somehow lost their connection to SELF, ready to rediscover who she is, what she wants, her needs, her dreams and how to energetically acknowledge, clear and shift the  patterns standing in between her and her inner compass. 

  • Animal parents who are ready to acknowledge and shift their energetic patterns, allowing more beneficial beliefs, attitudes and behavior in order to catch light with their own and their pet’s brilliant Self 


As a result, you will be able to sparkle your authentic being, feeling empowered and connected to all that is, able to make informed choices and have clearer intentions for a purposeful abundant life.


Florentine has developed “The Effervescence of Your Soul Method” to assist you with popping your innate Bubbles of Brilliance allowing your most radiant Self to bubble up to the surface and catch light.

She assists you with: 

  • To get an intimate understanding of yourself and your path in a deeper sense. Helping you to be in touch with your brilliant self again.

  • To get clear about your true purpose in life, to notice where you are stuck and to help you through these roadblocks in order for you to move forward.

  • Guiding you by her intuitive channeled ability to go straight to the heart of an issue.

  • To shift through difficult times into sourcing your authenticity by walking through the  trauma and  recognizing what the situation is truly about.

  • How to shift your undermining energy patterns standing in the way of joyful living so you are able to transmute them into a powerful source of energy.

  • Connecting you to all the wisdom available to you and to trust that wisdom.


Come and join Florentine to dive under the surface and explore the specific sediments at the bottom of your Soul. Those core challenges holding you and your animal back from living aligned to your brilliant self. You will search and scour the deepest layers during the private coaching sessions, to make it possible to dissipate those energetic blocks and to reclaim fragmented parts of your Soul, so the bubbles of insight are freed to bubble up to the surface to radiate though you and your animal companion with effervescent joy. Working with Florentine is infused with  compassion and fun!








This 45-minute online session is designed to uncover and dissolve dense energy behind challenges you may be facing, so you can shine your most brilliant self!

This is my COMPLIMENTARY gift to you as soon as you book a follow up package!







This package is designed to start uncovering and shifting outdated subconscious programming, assisting you to start to confidently own your unique, colorful and amazing insights, gifts and knowledge. Helping you to tap into your most brilliant self!!

Package of 6 every other week online sessions. English & Dutch available





This single follow-up online session is specifically designed for you, when you feel the need to refine your bubbly awareness of your most Brilliant Self!.

 Only available after joining either the Spark your Brilliance! or the Effervescence your Brilliance!-packages or the Living your JOY Experience!​



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