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" Embrace your Brilliance"

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Listening to the bubbles

Dear all of you, Today's topic I had planned ahead, but as is becoming normal, guidance changed my focus,lol. So I am keeping that one for a following post. This morning I woke up, after a deep sleep. And I am feeling totally exhausted. Hence the photograph of the bottle of sparkling water, picturing less bubbles in them than usual would be to my liking. And as I wondered why some reasons popped up immediately. This week I invited my mom a few days, as a special 80 birthday treat for her, to Antwerp. A Belgium city we will be exploring together and since our relationship seems best when I only need her to be the centre of my constant attention, hopefully connect on a deeper level. Meanwhile I am never comfortable with showing myself fully to her and the more she tries to pry, the more I close off. I am not proud on that. As well, I have had a few weeks filled with obligations, scheduled with a military regime- like precision. And woke up this morning out of a dream about my beloved first mentor, the lady who founded the way I experience my spirituality and infused me with a deep pure sense of connection to the light but as well kept reminding me that life is worth living with a lot of humor, lightness and laughter. In my dream she closeted herself away as a witch. So I was waking up, and asked myself what on Earth am I doing? I am running around in circles, chasing my tail as a dog. Am I loosing sight of my priority? Like, the urge I have felt forever to evolve in the light? To be this living expression of the divine? The ability to step out of God's way so he/ she/ it is given free reign to use my own will to use for his( etc) will. To be the one he wants me to be? And one answer came up immediately, it is not about the big gestures. It is not about a " successful"( in terms of financial gain) spiritual based business. It is about me, how do I need to grow to reach into the light. To honor that very light energy I seem to carry and spread So ..time to retreat, to turn inwards and to step up in self. To re- evaluate and to cherish the love and beauty I am surrounded with. I am such a fortunate person, I "just" need to realize it more often so I will not take it for granted. Less doing, more being. After all....I am a human be-ing And not a human do-ing, as my master teacher White Bul, has been pointing out often to me. Time to witness the alchemist process of allowing my precious bubbles, spirit, my inner joy and wisdom to form once more in the still water, to rise to the surface. What did you realize today? Have a beautiful day, Florentine xxx

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