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Embrace Your Brilliance !

                                                                     Reclaim your most Brilliant Self, and Catch Light!






For 30+ years, Florentine, LLM has been assisting her international based clients, Humans and Animals alike, through remote private " Activate your Brilliance!- soul level healing & coaching, animal communication sessions, and her online workshops.

She has developed her unique psycho-spiritual Effervescence for your Soul-modality, which is designed to help her clients to dive deep into the emotional watery depths of their subconscious, so they can uncover and dissolve their limiting beliefs, patterns and emotions, layer after layer,  helping them to tap into the luminous, multi-faceted version of themselves.

Connect with her by sending a mail to




BubblesforyourSoul is my way to show my gratitude for this magnificent life I enjoy so much.

Pushing me to reconnect to my ancient inner wisdom and gifts.

Combining all of this and more in who I am and how I work means an ever continuing fascinating journey to me, bridging the wisdom acquired while living on this earth as a human being and the wide expanded cosmic spiritual being I truly am.

By opening myself up to this do I aim to support highly intuitive and spiritually inclined women and their animal companions to reclaim their true brilliant Self so they can be the best version of themselves.

Filled with love, light, joy and trust.


Thus I am excited to mention that I will be opening up another,


Master Mind Wisdom Circle




“I meet you where you are and take you to the next level!”


This intimate mastermind is created to support spiritually inclined intuitive women who sense that it is time (yet again) to dive even deeper, reach even higher and expand their awareness and connection to the spiritual realm even further. Are you curious about what more meaning there is to life for you?


Designed to help you grow, shift into self-love, uncover deeper meaning and greater joy in your daily life.

Supporting you to reclaim more of who you truly are.

To uncover, access, acknowledge and develop your unique gifts.

To access and integrate the wonder and magic that is there for you.

To sparkle and light up.


25USD per month


( one-time SPECIAL: One month free for 6 months paid in advance (no refunds))


We will meet every second Thursday of the month for approximately 90 minutes.

The group will be kept intimate so everyone will be seen and heard.

You will meet in smaller groups in between the “official” Wisdom Circle for the Deep Dive Session. Serving to connect, interact as well as to invite more growth

Our sessions will include meditation, introducing a spiritual concept, interactive and lively sharing where we are at and what we aim for, tools and practices.

Inviting, solidifying and integrating the renewed wisdom into our life.


As an example of the topics we cover, last month we activated our inner growth by diving deep into (Self-)Judgment, this month we will cover (the allowing and blocks concerning )Receiving Love and in the upcoming month we will share our wisdom and experience with Staying in the Now.


Requirements to join are your commitment to show up for a consistent amount of time (at least 6 months), your willingness to participate actively so we can all benefit from your wisdom and knowledge, and to be open and curious.



“ Florentine is very good at helping others find themselves ” Penny B.W.


“ I have opened up to unlimited dreams and aspirations. Waking up excited to live and experience a new day connecting into the pure joy and wonderment of what else is possible. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, joy, love, light and compassion” Jennifer G.


“ I have connected more dots of understanding and have seen great growth” April P.


When you feel interested please send me a mail :


Florentine, LLM

Soul Level Healer, Coach & Mentor

Certified Intuitive Animal Communicator

Published Author

Public Speaker

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